Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Back Horn (ザ・バックホーン)

This is my second post with a music recommendation (scroll down for the first one).

The Back Horn is a rock/indie band from Tokyo. They've been around since 1998, but their major stuff has only been from 2001 onwards. There's not much else I can say about this band, other than the fact that I think they're under-rated.

A few of their songs that I like are:

Namida Ga Koboretara - One of their "heavier", more energetic sounds.

Mafuyu no Hikari - Youtube doesn't have the official music video for this song, but anyway...


Yaiba - Another one of their more energetic songs, albeit with less screaming then the 1st one :)

Cobalt Blue - yes, this is the actual music video for the song.



  1. I'll have to take a look at some of these have you tryed some of the ulfuls songs especially "theres always tomorrow" great song :D

    PS. I like the vocab quiz on the left

  2. unlimits or sleep.ab ,etc ,etc. is better.. backhorn's okay for me, most of the time annoying but maybe they didn't grow on me yet?